We pride ourselves on making these events an experience your children will remember for years. Creating an event that brings the magic and fantasy of visiting Santa Claus or seeing the Easter Bunny to a child life is so magical for us. We work very hard to keep those fantasies alive for every child to experience. There are only a handful of years in a child's life that we as parents get to share the magic of believing it important to enjoy every moment.

We believe a visit with Santa Claus should be more than just a jolly man sitting in a chair. The Sugar Shack has several themes that change from year to year for our Santa Nights. It takes many many man hours to transform our front porch to a wonderland each year. You dont just get a man on a chair. Our entire crew is dressed for the season. We want your child to feel the magic from the elves that entertain them in line to Mrs. Claus who is there to answers question for the little ones, and she will even give a secret message to Santa from a parent if you ask her. When we secretly let Santa know that a little boy or girls needs a reminder that Santa has and is watching, he knows when they have not been cleaning their room for example the child's eyes get huge, you just feel the magic of believing in Santa spark up all over again. Seeing and visiting Santa to us is so much more than a man in a red coat.

Cookies with Easter Bunny

2 Saturdays before Easter

Cookies with Santa 2018

Saturday December 1st

Santa Nights 2018

Dec 18 - 22  

6:30 - pm

Pumpkin Decorating 

Last Saturday in Oct

Stocking and Ornament Decorating 2018

Saturday December 15th